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49 Steps Toward a Naturist Dream

We all live in a world in which counting and numbers play a large role in our lives, and in our continuing dream of a world without clothes, our own numbers have been advancing since our first 49 steps. Now, we have achieved the total of 80, and this new naturist dvd ‘Beyond the 49 steps’ will give you a glimpse into some of the fun and variety that has gone into making this endless quest, with introductory sequences from 16 of our new titles plus unseen footage.

The United Colors Of Naturism

The world we live in is multicolored and every experience is a different shade of emotional response and visual satisfaction. Naturism is perhaps more accepting of its concepts of shade and color. This DVD features a true rainbow of happy naturists families having colorful fun in the sun.

United_Colors_Of_Naturism.part1.rar – 1.4 GB
United_Colors_Of_Naturism.part2.rar – 1.4 GB
United_Colors_Of_Naturism.part3.rar – 1005.9 MB

Naked Art of Body Art

In this compilation of natural naturist bodies of all ages and the art that adorns them, we present a great selection of scenes from many festivals and events. Our friends give their bodies to fabulous decorations and it becomes a hymn to all art when the colours blend with skin, sky and sunlight.
Format: .mpg
Size : 4,07 GB
Duration: 01:00:18

Where the Wind and the Waves are Blowing Wild

Naked water gun fights, sea cave exploring, rock climbing, and other beachside adventures make this a fun and spirited nudist video.
Format: .VOB
Size : 4,33 GB
Duration: 00:58:44

Smoothy Days are Here Again

Once upon a time there was a quiet land known as Flevo, where all kinds of wild ducks and rabbits lived peacefully among the trees and the flowers. Then one day a new species was created and nothing was ever quite the same again: yes, the Smoothies were born, and Flevo Natuur became the base for their annual festivities and the rabbits and ducks just had to resign themselves to this period of fun and games.
When the Dutch Smoothy Group, under the presidency of Gerard and his wife Ria, organize the 13th International Smoothy Days, once again KCN cameras are there to record the events as they unroll. Water-rocket making and launching, a Mexican evening, swimming in the indoor pool, shopping, loads of games, fun and laughter, and to cap it all, a combined national dance sequence devised and directed by Gala.
Another great event captured for all time on film, and which you’ll enjoy as if you were really there.

ABC Let’s Be Free

We all have our own favorite letter in the alphabet, be it “A” for apple or “Z” for zoo. And there are endless possibilities of course, as different people imagine different objects and situations. But what happens when one letter in particular makes a bold statement, like “N” IS FOR NATURISM? Now the idea really does open up vistas of possible creativity, and especially when the Ukrainian Naturist Organization gets involved during one of their field trips to the Sea. Already well-known for their lively events, here they try to portray the alphabet in different forms, as their fancy takes them, with no hint of seriousness or solemnity, as ever. And was ever the alphabet better demonstrated than by these family naturists in total freedom, as they shout aloud for every one of us: ABC – LET’S BE FREE!