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Naked Art – unlimited

We celebrate the 11th birthdays of Dasha and Sahatsawat, with Dasha becoming a butterfly Princess and a watermelon becoming a stand-in cake! Some crab hunting in the rocks, then our grand finale: continuing our PLANETS project, Mars, the God of War, brings war and destruction to the planet Earth, before Venus, Goddess of love, intervenes and helps bring peace to the people. A dramatic end to a wonderful work that really shows us a lot of Naked Art – unlimited

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Liberty Mountain

The sun is calling, the sea is beckoning, liberty is our only dream, and so we return this summer to our old haunt, Fox Bay, home to so many of our past adventures and dreams. In this first chapter, our friends have some great fun on the beach with a couple of large plastic shells, painted to look real, and, with apologies to Botticelli, we enact our own version of the birth of Venus. Then the volcanic mountains become our gateway to total liberty: in the forests and in our hearts, liberty, we call your name. And this summer, Pavlik, our very old friend, has rejoined us, now an athletic young man with a keen eye for photography. Other friends come as well, and we live out our very own Alpine Symphony, with amazing landscapes and beautiful naked freedom. Here then is the record of a fabulous trek across our Liberty Mountain.

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Great Balls & Naked Fire

The summer is trundling along at a great pace and it’s July. Our friends from the UNO continue their adventures in the Crimea, returning now to Fox Bay, an old favourite from long ago when our first adventures here were recorded. A huge plastic ball gives vent to much fun and laughter, as we spend a night on the beach, a romantic fire is lit to keep us warm and to let the fancies fly.

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Dressed with a Smile

And here, in this video diary, we can witness and understand the motivations of these simple and happy families who say no to the dictatorship of fashion and clothes and who parade proudly naked as a statement of common sense and practality. Why wear clothes when you can be perfectly well-dressed with nothing more than a simple and heartfelt smile?

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Running Out of Clothes

This video centers on Sun Leisure, a spacious naturist resort near Brisbane, where the Sun State Nude Fun Run takes place every Easter. We see the race for three successive years, interspersed with shots of many features of the resort such as its pool, exercise room, mini-ten court, broad grassy lawns, and clubhouse. Watch special Easter events such as the kids’ slippery slide each year, the egg toss, tug of war, dance party, boys’ and men’s pool competitions, and lots of other sports and games.

It’s A Wonderful Job But… Someone Has To Do It!

HD video with crystal clear pictures and vivid colours, brings us fantastic images of the early summer in Kiev, where local naturists herald the sun with their usual exuberance and sense of fun.

Fire Dance – Paint & Prance

To be naked is to be free, to be free is to be happy, and to be happy makes you want to prance around and let the whole world know that life is worth living. Here some of our younger friends let their hair – and complexes – down and really let themselves go in for some joyful play and prancing around on the beach at Fox Bay. As night falls we indulge in some primitive and pagan night fire dance with torches and chants, ritual jumping and just plain fun.

Horses & Other Planets

Horses & Other Planets
Always looking for new ideas and new format, the Ukrainian Naturist Organization undertakes another saga in the Crimea, a little before the main summer season has already gone underway. A trip to a Tartar stable in the nearby mountains gives rise to a fabulous trek in lush green forests and against mountain landscapes, all naturist-style, of course. And another day when rain keeps us indoors, we continue our long-term project of the THE PLANETS, with some of our younger friends giving vent to their imaginations as they draw and paint their own dream versions of the planets of our solar system. So, another original film is completed, and we hpe you will be pleased as we continue our forward steps with horses and other planets

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Eastertide – birth of spring. A perfect day naturist style

Happy Easter! In Kiev naturist families honor and love this holiday. A lot of fun, games, costumes and krashenok … Christ is risen! They greet each other. Truly He is risen! They answer to the greeting.
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