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Body Art Festival

It’s the BIG one! The biggest nudist body art festival, on the biggest naturist beach in Eastern Europe, captured in HD by the biggest nudist documentary camera crew –! Nudists of all ages come from countries across Eastern Europe to participate in the annual Nudist Body Art Festival. They do beautiful body painting, sing, dance, and re-enact stories from Greek mythology in a way that is unique to nudists, and entertaining to watch! Part 1 covers all the pre-Festival body painting, and has a close-up vantage point of the participants being painted before the Festival begins.

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Visions of Yoga

Visions of Yoga is a successor to our highly successful Naked Yoga video. It has less instructional information, and instead focuses on the visual joy of watching thirteen beautiful young women (and one guy) move gracefully into strenuous yoga poses with disarming ease. The visual feast is mainly accompanied by restful sync sound or occasionally beautiful meditative music.

Visions of Yoga scrlist

Cap d’Agde, Naked City

At the height of the holiday season the Naturist quarter of CapD’Agde on the Mediterranean coast of France accommodates 40,000 naturists. It’s a genuine Naked City where, apart from the swimming and sunbathing as nature intended, you can shop, visit the bank, eat at restaurants and visit the hairdressers, all without having to wear a stitch of clothing. In this film, Alison Brown and Wendy Cooper accompanied by the lovely Angie, investigate this naturist phenomenon.

Cap d Agde, Naked City scrlist,_Naked_City.avi

Wa(h)re Liebe – FKK

FKK (free body culture) has evolved as a way of life not only in Germany. Our neighbors in Europe too readily exempted from any cover. The Balearic Islands, Adriatic Sea, in Provence, Holland, everyone can be happy and pleased to indulge their hobby. Whoever here is more than a sun shade or dark glasses, exposes himself to ridicule. Wa (h) re Liebe carefully researched for you the most desirable places for nudist holidays and other “hot spots” FKK. Here you will find nudity, not only on the beach and pool, but also, for example, biking, kayaking, or lawn mower. Some even get married naked – no clothes or go shopping. It does not set any limits to your imagination.
Bonus: a dozen of the most popular hobbies in the nude.

FKK International scrlist

FKK – Drei Buchstaben stehen fur Frei-Korper-Kultur. Die Bewegung stammt aus der
Jahrhundertwende und war ursprunglich eine Reaktion auf die zunehmend beengten
Lebensverhaltnisse in den Stadten. Heute ist FKK popularer denn je. Wer glaubt, er musse
nach Sylt fahren, um seiner Leidenschaft nachzugehen, irrt. FKKMoglichkeiten gibt es uberall.
Selbst deutsche Gro?stadte bieten lauschige Platze fur Nudisten und die, die es werden wollen.
Egal ob beim Familienpicknick, einer wilden Party mit Freunden oder beim erotischen Tete-a-
tete: Wa (h) re Liebe hat fur Euch sexy Testparchen losgeschickt, um die schonsten FKK-Platze
fur alle Gelegenheiten zu finden.
Trailer von anderen Filmen, Kapitel-/ Szenenanwahl, Animiertes DVD-Menu, FKK
Neusonnland (historischer Bericht), FKK Top 10, FKK – eine Bewegung schreibt Geschichte

FKK in Deutschland scrlist