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When princesses get together they just sing, they are happy and mainly, they dance

A Shed below the mountain

Everyone worked out and competed all the day and in the afternoon they met at the enunciation of winners in the shed below the mountain. Just have a look how they enjoyed their time.

Naturist Freedom A Shed below the mountain scrli

Farewell to Ffreedom

The time when girl parts with her freedom and next day she gets married has to be well celebrated with friends. Bibianka has invited her friend for her leave-taking with freedom.
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Naturist Freedom – Water Games

Games in a little swimming pool. Everybody loves it. Today we came together to swim and spend lovely Sunday afternoon in the swimming pool.

Naturist Freedom Water Games scrlist

Naturist Freedom – Whirlpool-Spa

Whirling bath and sauna offer an absolutely ideal way of relaxing and heating the body during the cold winter months for girls. Some believe it is important for the girls to be separated from the men for maximum relaxation and regeneration.